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Celebrate Life

Call me direct and we can talk funerals.

There's no right or wrong way to celebrate a life, it's whatever captures the personality of the person who has died and can be as unique as the person they were.

Do you know just how many choices you have? Just tell your funeral director that you would like me to create your ceremony and leave the rest to me.  You may hold your final farewell in a venue of your choice, whether that is a barn, a back garden, a hotel, a community venue or outside space. Once you separate the cremation or burial from the celebration of life service and social gathering you will find just how much more memorable and enjoyable it is.

You will completely change the atmosphere and create a much more personal experience which in turn can aid the grieving process.

While a chapel, or crematorium completely suits a lot of people so many people reflect that if they had known the extent of their choice they would have done things differently and

I am proud to be able to facilitate a really meaningful and sincere send-off at the crematorium, chapel or wherever you choose to have your ceremony.  But, I also want you to know, that there are other options available and would love to explore those with you and help you to plan the funeral that you and your loved ones want.

Get in touch and have a chat and I will explain to you how a traditional ceremony runs before I take you on a journey and make suggestions and guide you through your options from start to finish. I will then write a ceremony script, which you will have control of and provide you with a beautiful keepsake of the final draft in a presentation box.

I can recommend local Funeral Directors and other organisations, who can help you in your end-of-life and after-death care. You don't even have to be dead to get in touch! I have clients who have created their own ceremony with their chosen music and ‘alternative’ requirements. After all we often buy a pre-paid funeral plan but do your family know just how you see your ceremony panning out?  Don’t worry, I can work with families after someone has died but, what is also becoming so much more common, is to work with the living and planning your own funeral can actually be really satisfying.

You can book me, even if you are using a Funeral Director, just give them my name as your referred funeral celebrant, or you my book me direct.

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